Hello Customer!

A new snack bar has arrived in São Carlos: the ProcessState. However, it is not an ordinary one; there are some rules that their customers must follow. First of all, ProcessState has just one table and one chair in its establishment, allowing only one person eat his/her snack at a time. Because of that, clients must enter in a queue and wait their turn to use the table and, indeed, eat their snack. Furthermore, clients have a limited time to use the table, i. e., if a customer does not finish their meal in time, they return to the end of the queue. The client may return to the queue as often as he/she needs to eat all their snack. While a client is at the table eating, they may order an addition or removal of ingredients of their snack. If so, they leave the table (which becomes available) and, after finishing that addition/removal, they go back to the end of the queue.


This page is a Open Educational Resources (OERs) to learn about Process States.

Developed by students of Computer Science from the University of São Paulo - ICMC. Guided by Paulo Sergio Lopes de Souza.

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