Here you find some words of our history!

Distributed Systems and Concurrent Programming Laboratory (LaSDPC) of ICMC/USP was born in 1990, when some professors from ICMC came back to Brazil after their PhD programs. Professors Marcos José Santana and Regina Helena Carlucci Santana started LaSDPC activities with the collaboration of the professors Eduardo Marques, Onofre Trindade Júnior (nowadays members of the Group of Embedded and Evolutionary Systems of SSC), Nivaldi Calônego Júnior (nowadays professor at State University of Mato Grosso) and Edson dos Santos Moreira (nowadays member of the Intermedia Laboratory).

In a historical perspective, it is possible to affirm that the birth of LaSDPC intertwines with the birth of the Distributed Systems and Concurrent Programming Group (GSDPC) of ICMC/USP. LaSDPC is the place where most of GSDPC’s research is conducted.

Since LaSDPC’s foundation, the focus of its research is the development and the evaluation of distributed computer systems, parallel algorithms, concurrent programming environments and computer networks. Following this initial direction, LaSDPC witnessed the great evolution of Distributed Systems from the 90s. The research started focusing on the development of distributed systems, parallel computing techniques (considering both advanced computer architectures and parallel programming), distributed simulations, processes scheduling, among many other topics.

Besides the generation of scientific knowledge, LaSDPC already trained more than one hundred and thirty MSc and PhD students, since its creation. The training of human resources associated to a quality scientific knowledge, is one of the outstanding aspects of LaSDPC. It is also important to highlight the several research projects developed by undergraduate students (scientific initiation students) in our laboratory. Our alumni work in industry and in academia, with national and international presence.

Following the evolution of the area, our research is constantly evolving, without ever forgetting our past. Nowadays, LaSDPC hosts research on themes such as: green computing, cloud computing, SOA, web services, development of high performance applications, testing of parallel and distributed applications, performance evaluation, adaptive computer systems, wireless sensor networks, mobile computing, and educational computing (learning objects and open educational resources).

Last edited by Paulo Souza – July/2015.