Welcome to the LaSDPC homepage!

The Distributed Systems and Concurrent Programming Laboratory (LaSDPC) is a research laboratory linked to the Computer Systems Department (SSC) of the ICMC/USP, which investigates new solutions applied to distributed computing.

Our Mission is to produce new distributed computing knowledge, in order to improve people´s life with computational systems more embracing, correct and with a better cost/benefit relation.

Our Vision is always to pursue excellence in both research and training of human resources.

Our Values are academic ethics, scientific production with focus on results, objective communication to disseminate knowledge, project´s sustainability, team management, people involved and transparency.

The techniques and tools produced in our laboratory are useful in several areas, such as parallel computing, distributed systems, computer networks, software engineering, performance evaluation, environment and educational computing.

Some standout research projects we developed are: high performance applications, test of parallel and distributed applications, green computing, cloud computing, SOA, web services, adaptive computational systems, wireless sensor network, mobile computing, and open educational resources. You can see more details of our ongoing research here.

Other important feature observed in our laboratory is the training of human resources. Our research projects have the direct participation of undergraduate, MSc, PhD and post-doctoral students. In the last two decades, LaSDPC already offered the required support to the training of several students. You can see a short list of LaSDPC alumni here.

In order to house the development of such projects, LaSDPC makes available to its students and researchers an infrastructure composed of desktops interconnected by internal networks, clusters of computers for parallel processing, and various servers. You can see more details about our infrastructure here.

Researchers acting in LaSDPC have national and international actuation, in association with several Universities. Some examples of international cooperation are University of Leicester (UK), University do Southampton (UK), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT), Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata (IT), Seoul National University (KR), University of Southern California (US), University of Bern (CH) and Universiteit Leuven (BE). You can see the relation of nowadays LaSDPC members here.

Last edited by Paulo Souza – July/2015.